Portugal Wine Trophy 2020


: Museu do Vinho Bairrada, Av. Engenheiro Tavares da Silva, Anadia, Portugal

Evento Comienza

: 5 Nov 2020

Evento termina

: 8 Nov 2020

Registration deadline: 23 October 2020*

Shipping deadline

To Anadia: 23 October 2020*
To Berlin: 25 September 2020*

*All deadlines are subject to change

Since 2014, the Portugal Wine Trophy has been one of the most important wine competitions in Portugal. At the end of April, wine connoisseurs from around the world meet in the beautiful city of Anadia (in the wine region of Bairrada). For four days in a row, from behind closed doors, the top jury taste noble wines from international vintners and importers and mark their points. Only the best products are awarded with Grand Gold, Gold or Silver.

The Portugal Wine Trophy took place for the first time in 2014. In Porto, more than 50 jury members from Portugal and many other countries came to taste and evaluate the surprising number of over 1,000 different samples from all around the wolrd. Thus, right from the start, the PWT was one of the biggest competitions in the country. The last edition of Portugal Wine Trophy also played a prominent role in the international ranking of wine competitions. From the 2,123 tasted wines (2,186 submitted wines), 656 were awarded.


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