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International Bulk Wine and Spirits Show China 2019


: 457 Jumen Road, Unit 407 and R Floor, Bridge 8 Phase IV, Huangpu District, Shanghai, China

Evento Comienza

: 5 Nov 2019

Evento termina

: 6 Nov 2019

IBWSS China is one of the leading international wine and spirits events in Shanghai, China. The show will gather the leading suppliers of bulk wine, bulk spirits, private label, contract distilling, contract brewing, contract winemaking from all over the place in Shanghai, China.

Clearly, there are enormous opportunities for foreign winemakers and bulk wine suppliers eyeing the Chinese wine market. The size of the consumer market, coupled with the rapid pace of economic growth within the country, has made China a key market for winemakers. By 2021, China could become the second-largest wine market in the world as measured by consumption, according to Vinexpo.

Now, with the development of the OEM business model, it’s easier than ever to gain access to this Chinese wine market. The same bulk wine and private label wine market that has grown dynamically in the rest of the world is now coming to China, even if it’s known by a different name and different label.


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