BeoWine Fair 2020

Lugar: Belgrade Fair, Bulevar vojvode Mišića 14, Beograd, Serbia

Evento Comienza: 20 Feb 2020
Evento termina: 23 Feb 2020

The Wine Fair is a new event at Belgrade Fair, featuring one of the most expansive industrial branches in Serbia, wine production and distribution. Wine tourism is promoted intensively at the Wine Fair, as well and holding this vent at the same time as the Tourism Fair, the most attractive and one of the best visited fair events, clearly shows the importance of this event also in the tourism branch.

The most prominent local and regional wine manufacturers, wine cellars, wine companies and those distributing this "Drink of Gods".

The Wine Fair organizers attempt to make some happenings the registered trade mark of this event. A few competitions take place annually, for The Best Local Wine, The Best Wine at the Wine Fair and the Sommelier Competition.

The auction wine sale is one of the inevitable sections of this overview and many tastings are organized at the stands of the exhibitors daily.
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